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January 30th, 2015 by Derrick

Have you ever searched for the perfect blogging platform? Well I have, several times.
Always, WordPress would come out on top – not perfect but better than the rest. Unfortunately, all the negative WordPress chatter, put me off.

A few friends were asking for my recommendation (being the computer ‘expert’) on which which blogging platform to use. Also, some of my freelance clients absolutely needed to add blogging to their list of tools. What to recommend and implement is always a dilemma.

The programming landscape had changed a lot since my last investigation. The programmer forums were all screaming platform X and platform Y. So I started another search for the best blogging platform.

I spent a quite a few hours over a few weeks installing various systems and then evaluating them for end-user and programmer ease of use. None were perfect. Also, had another look at WordPress and again it was better than the rest.

This time I resolved to ignored the negative chatter. It was time to start blogging myself. Here is my first iteration of a blog on WordPress.
Most blogs feature the latest post on their front page. My front page will feature more than one latest post; someone will come to read one post but might also be interested in others based on their titles and excerpts.
The layout will probably change often over the coming months.

Hope you will find the articles of interest. Please do register.

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