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Math Basics

On-line Math Basics. Something real, not just hand waving about getting back to basics.

Math help, myths

Math Help should not be built on myths. But, perhaps there is something to be gained by exploring the educational myths. They all have intuitive appeal which may account for their longevity. Perhaps a slight change to address the ‘experts’ concerns, can be useful to Math Help. Project Based Learning or PBL This is constructivism […]

Math help, theory

Finding the best and most efficient way to provide Math help. Avoiding the educational mistakes of the past.

Wonderful Web Apps

Web applications (or “apps”) are wonderful and will be so important for developers and users. Users will get a broader selection of apps that will always be up to date. Developers love the easier workflow.

Devices, Vision, Sleep

Prolonged use of computers causes eye strain which ruins our vision. Using mobile devices at bed time disrupts our sleep patterns. Solutions?

Gratitude – Happiness

Incredible benefits flow from being grateful for what you have. The main benefit is happiness which also has incredible benefits.

Brain Exercise

Brain Plasticity – identify the area of weakness in the brain and do brain exercises to eliminate this area of weakness.

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